Lab Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Finlay Maguire
Interests: {meta,}{gen,trans,metabol}omics, microbiome, machine learning, antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance, microbial eukaryotes
Elvira Mitraka
Interests: ontology, data management, semantic web, biomedical research, inf science

Postgraduate Students

Ph. D. candidates

Miriã Rafante
Interests: Transcription factor prediction, genomics, machine learning
Chaoyue Liu
Interests: Phylogenetics, statistics
Mike Hall
Interests: knitting, time series analyses, metagenomics, metagenetics, experimental biases
Praveen Nadukkalam Ravindran
Interests: RADSeq, population genomics
Dennis Wong
Interests: Genomic clustering, metagenomics, phylogenetics

M. Sc. candidates

Sayna Hajiloo
Interests: Databases and data structures for metagenomics

Past Members

Postdoctoral Fellows
Jeremy Koenig
Morgan Langille <morgan.g.i.langille[at]>
Conor Meehan <cmeehan[at]>
Graduate Students (with completed Degrees)
Emma Sylvester MSc
Mike Hall MSc
Catherine Zhan MCS
Jessie Ning MCS
Alex Keddy MCS
Scott Perry MSc <perry[at]>
Donovan Parks PhD <donovan.parks[at]>
Sylvia de la Ronde MSc <sylchu[at]>
Robert Eveleigh MSc <rb821606[at]>
Mike Porter MCS <porter.mike[at]>
Christopher Smith MCS
Undergraduate Students
Samantha Babin
Catherine Holloway
Brett O’Donnell
Joel Navarrete
Adam Schofield
Suwen Wang
Technicians and Developers
Nehil Jain
Harman Clair
Somayyeh Zangooei
Kathryn Dunphy
Timothy Mankowski
Visiting Students
Helena Balabin (Freiburg, Germany)
Carina Haupt (Bonn, Germany)
Sebastian Ginzel (Bonn, Germany)
Sohta Ishikawa (Tsukuba, Japan)

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