Supported beta-diversity Measures

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Qualitative measures (require a rooted split system):

  • Bray-Curtis (aka: normalized weighted UniFrac, Sorensen, Steinhaus, Odum, percentage difference, pairwise Whittaker)
  • Canberra
  • Chi-squared
  • Coefficient of similarity
  • Complete tree
  • Fst
  • Gower
  • Hellinger
  • Kulczynski (aka: Kulczynski-Cody, Sokal-Sneath)
  • Lennon compositional difference
  • Mean nearest neighbour distance (aka: comdistnn)
  • Mean phylogenetic distance (aka: comdist)
  • Morisita-Horn
  • Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient
  • Rao's Hp
  • Soergel (aka: Jaccard, unweighted UniFrac, Ruzicka, Marczewski-Steinhaus, percentage remoteness)
  • Species profile
  • Tamas coefficient (TC) (aka: simple matching coefficient)
  • Whittaker index of association
  • Yue-Clayton (aka: similarity ratio)

Quantitative measures (require a rooted split system):

Quantitative measures (can be computed over rooted or unrooted split systems):

  • Manhattan
  • Euclidean