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== v1.09 (in progress) ==
* Changed profile bar plot to only show 50 most abundant features (number of features to show can be set by the user)
* Increased speed of profile bar plot
* Greatly increased rendering speed of profile scatter plot (can now handle 10000 features)
* Changed left panel to a dock widget so it can be expanded, hidden, or set as a floating window
== v1.08 ==
== v1.08 ==

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  • Provides support for the new functional and organism profiles in MG-RAST v3.0.


  • Exploratory scatter plots now support histogram summaries of the distribution of features.
  • x-axis labels of relevant plots can now be modified to accommodate profiles where feature counts do not originate from sequences.
  • Multi-code COGs can now be treated as separate features or a sequence can be assigned to each COG code.
  • Fixed issue with OS X installation which caused the data files required for COG annotations to be missing.
  • Fixed bug leading to an infinite loop of error messages when trying to generate excessively large plots.
  • Fixed bug causing cursor to remain as a "busy" cursor after configuring a plot.


  • Any Python generated error is now displayed to the user to aid in debugging file format issues or reporting possible bugs.
  • Extra blank lines in profile files are now ignored.
  • File menu items now have more descriptive names making their use more transparent.
  • Fixed bug causing the command line execution to produce some output messages even when the verbose option was set to 0.
  • Open profile dialog now shows both *.spf and *.txt files by default.


  • STAMP can now read profile files with Windows, Unix, or MAC style line endings.
  • More informative error messages.


  • Fixed bug with label ordering being reversed in extended error plots (bug introduced in v1.02)


  • Fixed bug resulting in save tables failing (thanks to Mattias de Hollander for bring this to my attention).


  • Fixed bug where last directory was not retained when opening or saving files under Windows XP.
  • Added warning dialogs when about to plot profiles containing several hundred features.


  • Modified code to remove dependency on PyQt4 and matplotlib when running from the command-line.
  • Added unit tests (see STAMP_test.py)


  • Initial release