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GenGIS 2.3 introduces new features for both visualization and analysis:

Major New Features

  • We have created the Show Spread plugin to animate time-series data and iterate through categories of qualitative data. There are many options to control the speed and type of visualization.
  • The Python version attached to the Windows release is now 2.7. This has allowed us to update the RPy2 ligrary and interface with R version 3.

Note that these upgrades are not yet working on the Mac - this is not for lack of trying! Key third-party libraries do not interact the same way on the Mac as they do in Windows, and we are still trying to get this working.

  • We have added a new polygon feature that can draw convex hulls and smoothed boundaries to highlight the geographic ranges of datasets with different values.

Minor Changes

  • Locations can now be toggled from the Properties menu, and on right click in the map. Also, the Location Set now has a Show/Hide All toggle option on right click.
  • The previously introduced gridding function can now use the count of entities in a string field.