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Currently we support recent Win32 versions (XP, Vista) and Mac OS X, with most of our testing to date carried out on Leopard.

We are also in the process of removing unnecessary library files from the release versions. The current versions should work fine, but our aim is to reduce the size of these packages over time. In case you're wondering why we ship everything with GenGIS, our motives our twofold:

  1. It simplifies the acquisition process, as opposed to many iterations of 'go here - get this'.
  2. It also allows us to ensure that working combinations of the attached libraries can be used. Conflicts might otherwise arise between wx, Python, RPy2, and R.

GenGIS is released under the Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 3.0 license. Some of the modules included with GenGIS are released under the GPL or LGPL.


Current Release Details

We are primarily developing under Windows XP at this time. As such, there are some GUI issues with the Mac version. Apart from these visual issues the Mac and Windows versions are identical.

GenGIS Version: 1.03 (June 2, 2009) for Windows, 1.03 (June 2, 2009) for Mac (Revision History)

Python Version: 2.6.1 for Windows, 2.5 for Mac

RPy2 Version: 2.0.3

wxWidgets Version: 2.8.9

Windows Release

Abundance of different taxa at sample sites from the Sydney Tar Ponds (data courtesy of Jeremy Koenig)

Windows 32-bit installation package (26.5 MB)

Mac OS X Release

Macintosh OSX installation package (70 MB)

Source Code

Source code is for v1.00. Latest code is available upon request.

Win32 source code package (~160 MB)

Mac source code package (~77 MB)

Sample Data

Sample data can be found on the Tutorials page.

Digital Maps

All maps were assembled using GDAL unless otherwise noted.

Sample world map (GeoTIFF, from GTOPO30)

Africa (GeoTIFF, from GTOPO30)

Europe (ASCII grid, from GTOPO30)

South Pacific (ASCII grid, from GTOPO30, spanning example with longitude 0-360)

South Pacific Reduced (ASCII grid, from GTOPO30, spanning example with longitude 0-360)